A downloadable game for Windows and Android

3rd Place Winner of the NYCVR Jam 2016 after community votes! Now available on Google Play:



VR Game made in 48-hours for NYC VRJam16 by Alex Coulombe (@ibrews), Max Dumas, and Dan King(@reluctantpirate) . A fully-populated terrarium where you evolve through different bug stages by eating and staying alive. "Faces in the Night" used with permission from FOX: https://www.facebook.com/FOXrockband/

Here's the stages and controls:

1) LARVAZOR: Look where you want to go on the ground, and tap/click to scoot in that direction. Your enemy is the flying Kinemoths. Your food is the wings from dead Kinemoths! Your speed is increased as you eat those wings until you evolve into a...

2) VIONYMPH: Jump to wherever you want (floor, walls, kinemoths) within reach by clicking/tapping. Your reach is defined by a reticle in the center of the screen. Red means it's too far away, green means you can jump there. Your enemy is the backs of the larva, which hurt your feet! Climb trees and eat Kinemoths within reach to improve your reach, then eventually evolve into a...

3) KINEMOTH: Fly around in spurts to wherever you want and eat Larvazors on the ground! See how they flee from you and your majesty? Bwahaha! But watch out for Vionymphs snatching at you! When you're powerful enough, you should be able to push through the grate in the roof and escape to the outside world!

Developer hacks:

\ to evolve
Tab to toggle invincibility
0 to die
Caps Lock/Left Shift to spawn more stuff

Flip phone upside down to toggle VR/nonVR mode
Tilt phone momentarily to the left to toggle invincibility
Title phone momentarily to the right to evolve


Known bugs (haha):

- as a Vionymph, if you jump at a valid Kinemoth, you find yourself suspended in midair instead of falling back to the ground
- keeping you and all the other bugs inside the terrarium!

Hoping to make a multiplayer version soon!

Install instructions


Only button you need is a 'fire1', or on a phone, a tap. Mouse or game controller will also let you turn your head.

You probably want to be invincible until you get the hang of the game-- 'Tab' key for that.


Metamorphoshift - VR & NonVR for Android (flip phone to toggle) 50 MB
Metamorphoshift - built for older Oculus runtimes.zip 48 MB
Metamorphoshift - built for latest runtime.zip 49 MB

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