A downloadable kong for Windows

Made for R/Vive 'Summer's End Game Jam.'

Koala Kong.

She came from a remote island, shrouded in mystery. Wrongfully captured and brought back to New York, she has escaped the clutches of her enslavers and rampages free in the City. Instinctively driven to take refuge at its highest points, she seeks out the roaming Teddy Bears, her only friends in this strange new land, and carries them to safety at the top of skyscrapers.

Find the Teddy Bears trundling about the city scape and lovingly clasp them to put them in your pouch, then climb to the top of the highest buildings to secure them there safely for points. Avoid damaging the fleeing human crowds, who are fragile in both mind and body when confronted with a massive koala. Gain points based on the height of the buildings you place teddy bears on. Lose points if you kill anyone. Also watch out for scary tanks and helicopters that will shoot you down from buildings.


What can you do right now? You can teleport in the usual way (touchpad). You can hold the Vive trigger to stick out your claws, then swing them around to kill everything you see. See how low of a negative score you can get!

Or, do what you came here to do-- try grabbing one of those teddy bears. To do so, make sure you're not holding down any buttons, and lovingly reach out and try to squeeze it between your two open hands (developer note: it's looking for collision detection from both hands). Once you have a teddy bear safely in your pouch, start climbing a building (use the grip buttons)! The taller the building, the more points you get for making it to the top. Sometimes it can be tricky to find purchase while climbing a building, so pay close attention to the controller vibration to let you know when you're 'touching' the building.

When you get to the top near a particle field, your teddy bear should automatically be scored (and they will thank you!)

A lot more still on the way including:

1) evading police pursuit (tanks, helicopters, etc.) and a life bar

2) a time limit

3) a more populated city (both in buildings and people)

4) various graphic and memory optimizations

5) music and sound fx

6) ability to grab people and throw them

7) specific 3D elements on buildings that you grab onto to climb, instead of just the whole building.

Having fun with this! Open to feedback if you have any suggestions :D

Big thanks to thestonefox's VRTK for Unity-- makes these kinds of jams way easier to tackle.

Fun prompt! Thanks to nvmsocool for organizing.

Install instructions

Open the .exe file with SteamVR running and both of your Vive controllers active.


Koala Kong v0.005 -- hey this one works! 40 MB

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